The company has a production line that is one of the largest production lines among companies operating in the field of printing and is equipped with the latest machines and a production capacity of about one million sheets per day in cooperation with major companies specialized in the field of printing with the provision of all means of information security as well as all means that ensure the continuity and security of the printing process through hands A professional and trained worker in this field.


The company is constantly working to use the latest technological means recognized in this field to perform the distribution work through the application of the Online Tracking service to the versions of customers by providing all distributors with handheld devices, allowing our customers to track and know the condition of the envelope (Being Delivered - Deleivery Done - and for whom the delivery was done in real time, and this step is done in coordination with clients.


The company owns an automatic enveloping line that uses the latest machines in the market, and is operated by experienced workforce in this field, and in cooperation with major companies specialized in enveloping, enabling the company to trick up to about 600,000 envelopes per day.

The company carries out various distribution activities:

Mass Mailing

(Monthly and quarterly statements of accounts) – in the common sense, which is the business of receiving and delivering typical postal issues of large numbers within the customer’s residence.



Personal Delivery

It means delivering the customer in person after reviewing his national number and completing his signature on the receipt policy.



Express Delivery Service

It is intended to receive shipments or consignments from the sending party, and to deliver the destination to it, while adhering to certain times for delivery, with periods ranging between 24:48 hours and a maximum of 96 hours, depending on the geographical distribution of each destination to it or how it is agreed upon with clients.



Collection Service

The company through this service collects monetary amounts according to the procedures of contracting with the authorities and depositing the collected amounts in the accounts of the contracting parties.

Field Inquiry

The concept of field inquiry is to collect the possible and available information about the customer and his activity. This helps provide a clear and comprehensive vision that helps the credit decision-maker in making a decision. Egyserv and it’s network of users, visits the client in his residence and work headquarters to find out the aspects of this activity and the progress of work with it and any notes thereon. In addition, a housing inquiry is made and the documents required by the inquiry are completed according to the contract concluded with the requesting entity.


Electronic Account Statements

Through the provided service, the statement of account data received from the bank is sent through secure means to the e-mail of the bank’s customers after completing the information security procedures.


Inter Branch Couriering

The company is the link between the main centers of banks and its various branches at the level of the Republic, to meet the requirements of banking postal services, in accordance with quality and safety standards, according to geographical scope.