How we started:

The football team of the company was established in 2015 and registered with the General Sports Federation of Companies to participate in the second-tier league championship (general pentagonal), and won first place despite it was the first time for him to participate in the corporate league.



  1. Winning first place in the second division league and going up to the first degree league for companies in 2015.
  2. Playing the first degree league for companies in 2016 and getting third place.
  3. Winning first place in the first division league for the 2017/2018 season and participating in the Republic’s corporate championship.
  4. The team participated in the previous Republic Championship held in Port Said in 2018, and it also participates in the Republic Championship for the current year 2019 for the second consecutive season.

Under the leadership of the technical coach, Captain / Osama Youssef.


Team players:

  • Mustafa Mahmoud Al-Ashqar
  • Alaa Al-Din Mahmoud
  • Muhammad Ahmad Naim
  • Amjad Hosni Abu Al-Maati
  • Muhammad Ibrahim Abu Al-Futouh
  • Ibrahim Muhammad Faraj
  • Mustafa Muhammad Hafez (Shika)
  • Rami Muhammad Ibrahim
  • Islam Muhammad Ahmad Rizk
  • Muhammad Saeed Labib
  • Wahid Hisham Mujahid
  • Muhammad Ahmad Hamid (Otta)
  • Muhammad Abdul Hamid Muhammad
  • Jamal Abdul Nasser
  • Ahmed Muhammad Syed
  • Karim Muhammad Hamid
  • Essam Alaa Shamikh
  • Abdullah Mohsen Abdullah.